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Top 10 At-Home Exercises

Posted by on 2:22 am in Exercises, Fitness Programs, Training | 0 comments

It’s the middle of Winter in Canada, and that means ice, snow, wind and cold! Understandably, many people at this time of year find it hard just to get outside, let alone get to the gym. But exercise is still important. Luckily, there is a solution: at-home exercises. There are many exercises you can do right in your own home that don’t require any equipment, weights or supervision. Calisthenics can be a useful tool in any workout arsenal, especially when you perform movements that focus on more than one body area. Here are my top ten, in...

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How A Foot or Ankle Injury Can Get Way Worse, Quick

Posted by on 7:55 pm in Injuries, Stretching, Training | 0 comments

The feet and ankles are often overlooked areas, but they are much more important than most people realize. They provide a solid foundation for your body, and ultimately everything that occurs at the foot and ankle will be carried up the body’s kinetic chain. A foot or ankle injury or mobility restriction may affect the knee, the hip, the lower back, and eventually the shoulders and neck. If there is an issue at the ankle in the transverse, sagittal or frontal plane, it will cause a chain reaction that will ripple throughout the entire...

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The Best Low-Impact Workout

Posted by on 10:57 pm in Exercises, Fitness Technology, Training | 0 comments

I’m often asked what the best workout options are for people who need low-impact exercise such as those with chronic conditions, older adults, or those recovering from injury or surgery. While there are a few great options, I consistently hear positive feedback about one exercise in particular, and it’s a quickly-growing exercise trend in fitness gyms across North America. But most people are a bit surprised when I tell them what it is: Indoor rowing. Yes, the same indoor rowing exercise your grandfather may have touted – or still does....

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4 Reasons Why You SHOULD Drink Coffee

Posted by on 12:56 am in Nutrition | 0 comments

Nutrition professionals have had remarkable success with demonizing incredibly healthy foods. One of the worst examples of that is coffee. Now I wouldn’t recommend going to your local café and ordering an extra-large-double-double, which packs a whopping 280 calories. However, drinking one or two cups of black coffee a day does possess a variety of health benefits that are often underappreciated and underreported. Here is my top four: 4) Caffeine may boost your memory for up to 24 hours after consumption. People who consumed the...

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Why CrossFit Is Not For Everybody

Posted by on 6:45 pm in Exercises, Fitness Programs, Training | 0 comments

CrossFit is an extremely high-performance sport, and it’s not suitable for every body. It should not be treated as simply a type of training modality such as boot camp or group training. It’s highly physically demanding sport and often requires specific acquired skillsets and knowledge in order to prevent injury. Would you jump on the ice and play competitive hockey without any experience skating or knowing the rules? I think not. To make matters even worse, CrossFit trainers can often be certified by attending a simple two-day...

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The Best Way to Exercise For Hockey

Posted by on 3:27 pm in Exercises, Hockey, Training | 0 comments

During competition, athletes have to constantly adapt their body movements to the locations of both their teammates and opponents. That’s why high-performing athletes know to look for constant movement variability in their workouts to achieve success. A hockey player who can perform loaded resistance-training exercises in a variety of movements patterns can be prepared for the constant changes in direction and velocity that occur during a hockey game. What Doesn’t Work While exercises such as squats, bench presses, and rows could be...

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Personal Trainers Vs. Fitness Devices

Posted by on 10:32 pm in Exercises, Fitness Technology, Training | 0 comments

We’ve all seen the ads for the cool new gadgets and apps designed to help assist with personal fitness. Whether it’s the FitBit, Nike Training App, Apple Watch, or a step counter, the industry is exploding right now and people are increasingly relying on them to assist them in keeping active and staying fit. While I applaud any initiatives to help people succeed in their fitness goals, using them exclusively does leave me with a few concerns: Lack of Motivation One of the greatest advantages to personal training is the accountability and...

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Why Static Stretching Does More Harm Than Good

Posted by on 3:13 am in Exercises, Training | 0 comments

Growing up, most children were taught to stretch before doing activities. This was meant to “limber up” muscles to prevent injuries such as sprains and pulled or torn muscles. But in recent years, research has started to show that it might actually have the complete opposite effect. Static stretching before a workout actually does not prepare your body to perform exercises with load, and in fact may increase your risk of injury. According to internationally recognized expert in human movement and performance Michol Dalcourt,...

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The Top 3 Reasons To Never Do Crunches

Posted by on 4:05 am in Exercises, Training | 0 comments

Sometimes people ask me why I don’t use abdominal crunches in my workouts. My answer is simple: they’re totally and completely a waste of time and energy. Now, I don’t arrive at this conclusion lightly. After all, my job is to motivate people to do things, rather than not do things. But there are three very important things that have caused me to feel this way: 1 – They’re Not Effective Researchers at the University of Virginia conducted a study, and found that it takes approximately 250,000 crunches to burn just 1lb of fat....

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Why Your Workout Isn’t Working

Posted by on 8:44 pm in Exercises, Training, Weights | 0 comments

Traditional training often includes isolation exercises such as bicep/tricep curls, leg lifts, shoulder presses, sit-ups, and many more. You do the gym circuit to isolate each muscle or muscle group individually, targeting specific problem areas or just trying to ensure a good overall work-out. Tedious? Yes. But does it work? Ironically, no. Here’s why. Isolation Exercises If you’re treating an injury or looking to bulk up muscles in a specific area for aesthetic reasons, isolation exercises are unquestionably effective. But for the vast...

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