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Boot Camp Training

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Due to weather restrictions, Precision Performance Training’s outdoor Calgary boot camps run throughout the summer season only. All athletic boot camp classes are one hour long and take place on weekday evenings, with the location decided upon annually based on demand. Our Calgary boot camp training classes are a combination of resistance, cardiovascular and core strength circuits in a beautiful outdoor setting, which will have you feeling fantastic in just 12 sessions.

A More Effective Boot Camp

Most typical boot camps in Calgary involve movement in just one plane of motion and usually with little to no weight load while moving. Precision’s boot camp training philosophy involves a full body workout in a more complete exercise routine. This functional training improves the production of lean muscle mass and aids in weight loss, yet is frequently omitted from traditional Calgary boot camps.

The Athletic Boot Camp Advantage

Not only are boot camps a great, budget-friendly alternative to traditional personal training in Calgary, but many clients find they provide a particularly motivating environment in which they can push themselves and be more accountable in their efforts to reach their goals.

If you wish to have your own athletic boot camp in Calgary with friends, family or co-workers, contact Precision Performance Training for further information.

Precision Performance Boot Camp Training Features:

  • Capped Class Numbers – maximum of 15 people per class so you get the personal care you deserve.
  • Expert Advice – training with university qualified personal trainers.
  • For All Fitness Levels – designed to cater for all levels of fitness and encourage social interaction and peer motivation.

1 session/week (6 weeks)

 $108 + GST  Total

2 sessions/week (6 weeks)

$180 + GST  Total

Important: All Calgary boot camp clients must complete a PARQ form and waiver prior to their participation. Please download the forms and send a completed and signed copy to before your first session.

Note: Bootcamps only run in Spring and Summer. Please contact us to find out when the next bootcamp is scheduled. In the meantime, check out our group training sessions.