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Top 10 At-Home Exercises

It’s the middle of Winter in Canada, and that means ice, snow, wind and cold! Understandably, many people at this time of year find it hard just to get outside, let alone get to the gym. But exercise is still important. Luckily, there is a solution: at-home exercises. There are many exercises you can do right in your own home that don’t require any equipment, weights or supervision. Calisthenics can be a useful tool in any workout arsenal,...

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Why CrossFit Is Not For Everybody

CrossFit is an extremely high-performance sport, and it’s not suitable for every body. It should not be treated as simply a type of training modality such as boot camp or group training. It’s highly physically demanding sport and often requires specific acquired skillsets and knowledge in order to prevent injury. Would you jump on the ice and play competitive hockey without any experience skating or knowing the rules? I think not. To make...

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