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The Best Low-Impact Workout

I’m often asked what the best workout options are for people who need low-impact exercise such as those with chronic conditions, older adults, or those recovering from injury or surgery. While there are a few great options, I consistently hear positive feedback about one exercise in particular, and it’s a quickly-growing exercise trend in fitness gyms across North America. But most people are a bit surprised when I tell them what it...

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Personal Trainers Vs. Fitness Devices

We’ve all seen the ads for the cool new gadgets and apps designed to help assist with personal fitness. Whether it’s the FitBit, Nike Training App, Apple Watch, or a step counter, the industry is exploding right now and people are increasingly relying on them to assist them in keeping active and staying fit. While I applaud any initiatives to help people succeed in their fitness goals, using them exclusively does leave me with a few...

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