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Why Static Stretching Does More Harm Than Good

Growing up, most children were taught to stretch before doing activities. This was meant to “limber up” muscles to prevent injuries such as sprains and pulled or torn muscles. But in recent years, research has started to show that it might actually have the complete opposite effect. Static stretching before a workout actually does not prepare your body to perform exercises with load, and in fact may increase your risk of...

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The Top 3 Reasons To Never Do Crunches

Sometimes people ask me why I don’t use abdominal crunches in my workouts. My answer is simple: they’re totally and completely a waste of time and energy. Now, I don’t arrive at this conclusion lightly. After all, my job is to motivate people to do things, rather than not do things. But there are three very important things that have caused me to feel this way: 1 – They’re Not Effective Researchers at the University of Virginia...

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Why Your Workout Isn’t Working

Traditional training often includes isolation exercises such as bicep/tricep curls, leg lifts, shoulder presses, sit-ups, and many more. You do the gym circuit to isolate each muscle or muscle group individually, targeting specific problem areas or just trying to ensure a good overall work-out. Tedious? Yes. But does it work? Ironically, no. Here’s why. Isolation Exercises If you’re treating an injury or looking to bulk up muscles in a...

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