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Group Training

Small group training (groups than or less) is very similar to personal fitness training but more cost-effective. It’s a great alternative to traditional boot camp training, where you get a generic workout program in larger groups (up to 20 people or more). Clients typically find a little more one-on-one attention and programs designed for their goals with group fitness training than they do with those larger classes.

Precision Performance Group Fitness Training Features:

  • Capped Class Numbers: a maximum of 4 people are allowed per class so you get the personal care you need
  • Expert Advice: training with a university educated and qualified group fitness instructor
  • All Fitness Levels Welcome; Precision’s group training is designed to cater to all levels of fitness and encourages social interaction and peer motivation

Why Use a Group Fitness Instructor

An experienced group fitness instructor recognizes that everyone is motivated differently, and aims to cater to their goals, rather than just making money from larger class numbers. That’s why many clients prefer group training; it’s a personalized approach where the trainer knows where your abilities and limits are, and designs the program to your own personal goals.

Group Fitness Training vs. Personal Training

Some clients want one-on-one training, but find they actually push themselves harder or are more motivated in a group setting such as boot camps. This is why group fitness training is a great option: you have the advantage of a competitive atmosphere as well as the advantage of a customized workout by a qualified group fitness instructor at your side. In the end, most clients find group fitness training is very similar to personal training, with the main difference being price.

If you wish to have your own private group training in Calgary with friends, family or co-workers, contact Precision Performance Training for further information.

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