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Personal Training

Precision Performance Training offers a wide variety of Calgary personal training programs, each of which is fully and individually tailored to your own unique needs and goals. These include athletic training, mobility training, corporate personal training, boot camp group fitness training and more.

Personal Fitness Training

Most people are aware of the benefits of personal fitness training vs. self-training at gyms or at home. But many often aren’t familiar with the full depth of benefits to personal fitness training with a well qualified, experienced and motivational personal training specialist. With one on one assistance, programs designed specifically for you, ensuring you maintain proper form at all times, specific allotted appointment times, a budgeted personal investment, nutritional and educational tips, the opportunities to succeed are maximized while wasted efforts, wasted time, and injuries are minimized.

High Performance Training

Precision Performance Training believes that ultimately, the more committed you are to your fitness and personal training program, the more successful you will be in reaching your goals. This is why we completely customize each personal training program to the individual. Since each person is different, each program, timeline, ability approach and motivational strategy will be different. This maximizes the opportunities for success, as quickly as possible while minimizing the potential for injury. Still, our core approach is to use a variety of different loads while moving in a variety of directions and speeds. Since it is a more functional form of training, this high performance training strategy proves to be much more advantageous for most clients compared with traditional personal training in Calgary.

Get Truly Personal Training in Calgary

Whether you need assistance with Multiple Sclerosis regression prevention, mobility deficiencies, injury rehabilitation, joint care, athletic fitness training, mobility training, or high performance training, Precision Performance Training will ensure each personal training program is designed to help you succeed. Contact us today for a free, no obligation consultation to get started!

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